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MPP Steve Clark explains “Get It Done Act”

If a new bill is passed, you won’t need to renew your license plates or pay fees to renew your driver’s license or Ontario photo card anymore. 

That’s according to Steve Clark, our area’s MPP, when asked about the “Get It Done Act,” a bill introduced in the early hours of the Ontario legislature’s spring session. 

We spoke with Clark to learn about the ways the bill will benefit rural Ontarians in communities like ours. 

“We’ve announced we’re going to automate the license plate renewal process,” Clark explains. “There’s been some confusion, when we eliminated the stickers, and some people have got into difficulty because of the license plate renewal process, so we’re going to basically automate it.” 

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The bill primarily focuses on changes to shorten the environmental assessment process for major infrastructure projects, like highways.  

Clark also says another component of the bill is meant to give residents a say on carbon taxes. 

“Future provincial governments would be required to hold a referendum before introducing a carbon tax,” Clark says. “I’ve heard a lot from people in the riding, from an affordability perspective. We’re going to continue, as a province, to call on the federal government to eliminate its carbon tax.” 

You can read the full details of the bill on the Ontario Legislative Assembly website. 

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