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The real reason why the bears have arrived (it isn’t food)

The sudden appearance of black bears in residential areas is not such an uncommon occurrence, says MNR Management Biologist Scott Smithers, and contrary to some reports, it doesn’t have anything to do with a lack of food. They are looking for mates. It’s mating season for the black bear, and this activity is normal.

Smithers says probably 80% of the bears MNR deals with each spring are young males sent out into the world by their mothers to find their own territory.
Smithers says the appearance of bears in the spring is pretty typical and like many things in nature, cyclical. Next year will probably be quiet again.
The young males are venturing out to find their own territory. Those are typically the ones who find themselves in inconvenient locations, like your backyard.
If you encounter a bear on your property in town, call the police as it is a matter of public safety. Give them a wide berth and let them be. Keep your bbq grease catcher, birdfeeder and petfood areas cleaned up so you don’t attract young bears. 
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