Brett Scott says he wants a fair wage. The lifeguard, who works at the Kemptville Pool seasonally, says he makes $14.42 per hour.

Scott was set to make a presentation during the special budget meeting on Wednesday. He sent in an application to present on February 7. He found out he wouldn’t be able to because his ask is an administrative matter, not a community request, on Tuesday.

Scott drove from Queen’s University in Kingston, after rearranging a mid-term, to take part in Wednesday’s meeting.

Scott says he really loves working at the Kemptville Pool and he just wants to make a fair wage. He says he doesn’t like the way things turned out and just wanted council to hear what he had to say.

Scott is seeking a $1 per hour wage increase for all pool employees. He says the reason is the cost of re-certification lifeguards have to get and maintain, which costs around $1,200.

He says lifeguards in North Dundas start at $16 per hour and the average wage for lifeguards in Canada is $17.10.

Scott met with the Director of Parks and Recreation this morning to formally submit the request.