100 Men Who Care North Dundas is gearing up for its first meeting. The event is set for September 27 at the former Nestlé plant in Chesterville. Each member of the group will bring $100 to the meeting and everyone will vote on a local charity to donate the money to.

One of the group’s founding members Mayor Eric Duncan says the idea stems from 100 Women Who Care South Dundas, which inspired the launch of 100 Women Who Care North Dundas. He says the North Dundas group was so popular they had to cap membership at 200.

There are already 100 members signed up for the first meeting of 100 Men Who Care North Dundas.

Duncan says the meeting will be held in an industrial part of the plant and include craft beer and snacks.

To sign up for the group, click here. You can also check out 100 Men Who Care North Dundas on Facebook.