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Local candidates comment on Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

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Gord official photo 2011


Federal PC candidate Gord Brown released a statement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership yesterday. Brown says the agreement is great news for Canada, opening markets for Canadian products in every sector, while protecting our supply-managed industries. Brown is applauding the agreement, which he says makes Canada the only G7 nation with free trade access to over 60 percent of the world’s economy. He says he is pleased that our supply-managed sectors will be protected, and every part of Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industry will benefit from the TPP.



Candidate Margaret Andrade says the NDP will not support a secretive trade agreement that negatively impacts two of the largest agricultural sectors in the riding. She says the NDP believes in trade agreements but they must benefit all concerned and not leave 20,000 jobs in jeopardy. Andrade adds many Americans are not supporting this trade deal. Once again, Mr Harper and the Conservatives are supporting large corporations and turning their backs on family farms.



Green Party candidate Lorraine Rekmans says the TPP is fiscally irresponsible and she cannot support a partnership that elevates corporate over public interest. She says she fully opposes the TPP because of the lack of transparency in the negotiations. Rekmans says the Green Party supports fair trade that protects sovereignty, human rights and the environment and does not undermine health, safety, consumer or labour standards.



Candidate Mary Jean McFall says the Liberal Party supports free trade but Canadians deserve to know the details behind this particular agreement that has been negotiated behind closed doors. McFall says the agreement will come under scrutiny during the ratification process in Parliament and Canadians deserve to be consulted before it is finalized. She says she has concerns with how the deal was negotiated, in secret.

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