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Kemptville District Hospital staff conduct CBRNE training exercise

Yesterday staff at Kemptville District Hospital took part in training for exposure to Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear and Explosive materials. The exercise involved acting out a real emergency, putting staff through the paces donning gear, using specialized equipment and timing the whole process. In Tuesday’s simulation, a college student had had a harmful chemical spilled on her clothing.

Like a scene out of the movie Silkwood, KDH is equipped with an outdoor-access showering facility so that patients that have been exposed to various hazardous materials can be treated without endangering anyone else. The water from the shower goes into a unique holding tank so that it doesn’t contaminate the local supply.

Christine O’Reilly from the KDH Joint Health & Safety committee explained the training is so important because time is of the essence in a real emergency and the procedures have to be second nature.


Last year, KDH staff completed a CBRNE training exercise with local HazMat crews that involved a large tent set up outside the hospital, with a number of showers to treat several exposed people at one time.

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