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Local Thalidomide survivor looking forward to the future


Those living with physical malformations and challenges due to their mothers taking Thalidomide during pregnancy can now look toward the future. As former Kemptville resident Susan Wagner White explains, last week’s announcement of annual compensation came after two years of educating the public on what it means to be a Thalidomide survivor.


Wagner-White says the money means they can finally start planning for the future.


The Thalidomide Survivors of Canada Taskforce began their campaign for better financial support over two years ago.  Wagner-White, who was born without arms, provided a comment on the news that an annual pension will be provided.


The 94 remaining Thalidomide survivors in Canada will receive between $25,000 and $100,000 per year, depending on their individual condition. The amount will be adjusted for inflation and re-assessed every five years.

Susan Wagner-White is an artist of pointilism. She can be contacted through Facebook.


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