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Deputy Fire Chief talks dry conditions, outdoor fire safety

Randy Urslak says hot, dry weather in North Grenville has made outdoor burns risky. 

“The problem is it is very hot outside, it is drying up very quickly, so we need to be more fire-smart and fire-wise,” says Urslak, North Grenville’s Deputy Fire Chief. 

“Winds are probably one of the worst factors,” he explains, “because they’ll pick up and they can carry embers, they can carry sparks. You think you have your fire out, but there’s still sparks moving around, and if they land and they start something, especially in these dryer conditions, fanned by winds, they could result in a fire starting.” 

If you’re going to have an outdoor burn, he recommends making sure you start your fire away from any buildings or trees, and having water ready to put it out if it starts to become out of control. 

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“That’s been the biggest problem,” Urslak says. “People start these fires, and they don’t think, and then the wind picks up and all of a sudden it’s moving around, and it gets out of control before they can put it out.” 

Urslak says the North Grenville Fire Service is monitoring weather forecasts daily to decide if a burn ban will be put in place. In the meantime, he says you can call the Fire Service if you have any questions and call 911 if you see a fire starting to become out of control. 

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