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NG Police Services Board: Keep distance from snow plows

In the wake of heavy snowfall, the Municipality of North Grenville is offering some advice for residents on how to drive around snow removal equipment.

The municipality’s Police Services Board put out the advice as workers cleared the roads after the heavy snowfall that hit the community earlier this week.

“Snow plow drivers need more room to do their job and make the roads safer,” says Mayor Nancy Peckford. “Please exercise extra caution when approaching a snow plow. We want everyone to get home safely.”

Deputy Mayor and Police Services Board Chair John Barclay agrees. ““Plowing roads and sidewalks takes time,” he says. “When you see the blue flashing lights of a snow plow remember to slow down, stay back and be patient.”

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Board members also say parents should make sure their kids don’t build snow forts on the road or in roadside snow banks, since plow operators might not be able to see them as they work.

They’re also urging residents to look into road conditions before leaving their home during the winter, and to avoid driving if they can on days when the roads are bad, for the safety of everybody in the community.

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