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OPP warning of ‘tech support scams’ affecting East Region

Be careful if you receive any suspicious emails or phone calls from people claiming to represent big companies.

Officers from the OPP’s East Region headquarters are warning of ‘tech support scams,’ where fraudsters impersonate large companies to steal victims’ data, affecting residents.

“Victims receive a call or email that appears to be from a well-known company,” a warning on social media reads. “In some cases, the email may have a fake invoice and indicate that your subscription to antivirus software or support services has been renewed.”

If you respond to the call or email, police say the fraudsters will ask for your permission to access your computer remotely, and if you let them, they’ll take your personal info and banking details.

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They say multiple victims have reported having their bank accounts drained because of the scam.

“Legit companies will not ask for remote access,” the warning concluded. “Never allow an unknown person to gain remote access to your computer or device. Never log in to your bank accounts or email when using remote access or sharing your screen with someone.”

If you suspect you’ve been a victim of a scam like this, officers are encouraging you to report it to the OPP and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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