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L&G Turtles Asking Residents To Help Build Turtle Nest Protectors

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Residents in Leeds and Grenville are being asked to lend a hand in building some nest protectors to keep nesting turtles in the community safe. 

Founder of L&G Turtles, Aly Hoover says they are looking for willing bodies to donate their time to put these devices together. 

“Turtles only have a one percent survival rate, and that’s because they get predated by skunks, foxes, racoons, so, chances of the eggs even hatching are very low,” Hoover said. “That’s why we want to get as many nest protectors down as possible.” 

Hoover says all 8 of Ontario’s turtle species are protected under Species At Risk and the Endangered Species Act. 

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Not only are the turtles protected themselves, but also the habitats they reside in have protections as well.

If you should happen upon nesting turtles, Hoover says it’s important to not disturb their space.

Doing so may result in the turtle abandoning its nest before laying its eggs. 

Hoover also says when it comes to turtles crossing the road, the best thing to do is pick them up and carry them to the direction they are headed. 

She adds if they can get more protectors built, it will have a significant impact on the survival rate of baby turtles. 

“It basically stays in place for two-three months, depending on how long it takes the eggs to hatch, and then the babies come out the exit holes in the nest protectors, and they make their way to the water,” Hoover said. 

Hoover says the costs of supplies will be covered for anyone willing to make nest protectors, and they’re also hoping local businesses will pitch in by donating materials that can be used to build them.

If you’re interested in helping out, you can contact Hoover through the L&G Turtles Facebook page.

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