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Connecting to what matters in Brockville, Ontario

Connecting to what matters in Brockville, Ontario

Tracy Typhair, Sales Assistant at Xplornet Authorized Dealer, 401 Connect has been there from the beginning.

Twenty years ago, she worked for a small Internet company called RipNet. When RipNet was purchased by Xplornet, she became an Xplornet employee, and then eight years ago when Xplornet’s Brockville office was closed, the building was purchased and transitioned into Authorized Xplornet Dealer 401 Connect.

Tracy was born and raised in Brockville and, and knows the community and its customers’ needs very well.

“I’m the jack of all trades. I do everything from scheduling to sales. 401 Connect is me, Melissa, who does inventory and our financial work and James, our expert installer,” she said.

Tracy said that she’s noticed that customers call 401 Connect again and again because they are so impressed by James.

“We have people who specifically request James. He goes even if it’s snowing or raining. The reliability of a hometown dealer is very important to our customers,” she said.

The day before we spoke with Tracy, three different people sent in positive reviews for James based on their technician visit and initial impression. Here’s what one customer had to say:

“Your technician at 401 Connect was very professional and competent. He knew what he was doing.”

All the members of the 401 Connect team live and work in Brockville, Ontario, a place that Tracy couldn’t be fonder of.

“My favourite part of living in Brockville is the beautiful St. Lawrence river. Brockville is very homey. I went out to BC for a while but came right back home,” she said.

Tracy loves speaking with their friendly rural customers.

“There are some customers that you want to sit and talk to for hours because they’re so friendly and nice,” she said.

401 Connect’s service area spans from as far west as Seeley’s Bay, as far North as Perth and as far East as Chesterville, Morrisburg area.

Normally, the team enjoys being out in the community at tradeshows, an activity that Tracy misses very much. Sadly, due to COVID-19, the team at 401 Connect couldn’t get into the community this past year like they usually do, but they have been busy addressing their community’s mounting Internet needs.

On the plus side, she’s noticed that with Xplornet’s increased upload speeds more families have been able to access work, schooland loved ones from home.

In fact, Xplornet has built over 100 new towers since the beginning of the year which are delivering our fastest speeds yet! With Xplore 50/10 UNLIMITED customers now have access to download speeds up to 50 Mbps, upload speeds up to 10 Mbps and truly unlimited data.

Call 1-866-370-8786 today for more information.



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