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Local Opposition Groups Hosting Community Action Event Against Kemptville’s Proposed Prison

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The fight against Kemptville’s proposed prison continues.

The Jail Opposition Group (JOG) and the Coalition Against the Proposed Prison (CAPP) are organizing a Community Action event, to allow residents to discuss ideas and voice their opposition against the proposed Eastern Ontario Correctional Complex. 

Despite the prison being announced by the province mid-pandemic, Spokesperson for JOG Kirk Albert says residents still have a voice.

“This meeting is meant to keep residents up to speed and informed about the activities regarding the proposed prison,” Albert said. “Because quite frankly, no information has been provided to the community in months by the Solicitor General’s office, MPP Steve Clark’s office, or even our local government.” 

The prison, which was proposed back in August, has been met with lots of opposition since it was announced by the Ford government. 

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In the months that have followed, CAPP and JOG have been holding community forums to allow residents to speak out against the plan.

Albert says the whole experience has been frustrating for residents.

“Unfortunately, it perpetuated some myths about the facility itself and some of the benefits the province said at the time would occur,” Albert said. “Things like job creation, and other economic benefits to North Grenville which they have not substantiated.” 

Albert feels the decision will not only negatively impact plans for the development of the Kemptville campus across the street from the site, it will also affect the revitalization of downtown, and the development of the town’s tourism industry. 

He says it’s their hope that if they make enough noise, the province will listen.

“We’re going to continue to show Doug Ford, Steve Clark, and Sylvia Jones that the plan for a prison has become more clearly than ever to be ill-conceived, incredibly costly amidst a pandemic, and completely lacks the benefits they stated it would bring to the town.”

The Community Action event will be held on ZOOM on May 13th from 8-9 p.m.

To register, you can reach out to CAPP through their website.

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