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OPP warn the public: no ice is 100% safe ice

• The OPP would like to encourage everyone to assess and be aware of conditions before venturing out onto ice covered bodies of water. Ice is never 100% safe even though you may have tested the thickness. If you do venture out on the ice, follow these tips to help keep you safe;
• Do not go out on warm or stormy days
• Do not travel on ice if you have consumed alcohol or drugs
• Do not travel on ice alone or in the dark
• Keep away from unfamiliar paths or ice
• Always let someone know your destination and time of return
• Children should be accompanied by an adult when out on the ice
• Carry a small survival kit on your person-including ice picks, rope, a lighter, waterproof matches, magnesium fire starter, pocket knife, compass and whistle
Ice is constantly changing in response to weather and water conditions and is effected by many different factors including thickness, currents, age of the ice, pressure cracks and snow cover. East Region OPP encourages everyone to stay off the ice when conditions are obviously dangerous especially in the early winter and late spring. If in doubt, Don’t go out!

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