Local youth have a chance to connect with the community through an upcoming scavenger hunt.

The GooseChase Scavenger Hunt is looking to highlight opportunities in the community for young people to encourage them to learn about where they live in a fun and creative way. 

Katelyn McGahey is a grade 12 student in Kemptville and one of the organizers for the event.

She says they wanted to create something that allows kids to get out and see what the community has to offer.

“Something for the Spring that’s uplifting, safe, and you can stay at home if you want, but you can also get out into the community and have some fun,” McGahey said. “So, that’s how the GooseChase came to be. It was something that the community had done for last Canada Day and it worked really well, so we’re just building off that.” 

Last year, several local youth began work on a youth summit, but due to the pandemic that event had to be postponed.

That group became the North Grenville Youth Summit Committee, which McGahey is a part of. 

The goal of the summit was similar to the scavenger hunt, as it looked to connect youth with the community they live in. 

McGahey says people have been growing tired of virtual options and they felt GooseChase was the solution. 

“A lot of businesses have donated prizes and are advertised through this,” she said. “So, it’s really about learning what’s in the community and what you can be involved in. But also right now, our biggest goal is just to have some fun. We are in a terrible period of our lives and this is just some light-heartedness.”

With COVID in mind, McGahey says they ask that youth only participate ‘in person’ with members of their own household. 

The game is open for play anytime between 10am and 10pm on April 16th

For more information, you can contact the North Grenville Youth Summit Committee.