The Kin Club of Russell has once again suspended operations for its Catch the Ace lottery. 

The suspension comes amid the provincial COVID-19 stay-at-home order but the Kin Club says it’s hopeful it will be back when it’s safe to do so.

Tickets are still on sale, and there are now just 9 envelopes remaining, with the jackpot sitting at more than $336,000. 

Doug Anthony is Vice President of the Kin Club and he says since their last lottery, they’ve gone through three lockdowns.

“We had to suspend operations for 245 days the first time,” Anthony said. “The second time it was the stay at home order from January 14th to February 10th, and this current one from April 10th to May 6th. Our next draw is May 9th at the earliest.” 

Anthony says since the stay at home order came into effect, paper ticket sales have gone down but online sales have skyrocketed. 

He says all tickets that have been purchased since the last draw, and those purchased between now and the next draw, will be valid for the May 9th lottery. 

“The traditional manners of fundraising have pretty much been exhausted,” Anthony said. “There’s no more galas, golf tournaments, etc. So we’re the only source of revenue for a lot of these charities. But having said that, we’re tripling or even quadrupling what they would’ve made, given the size of our jackpot right now.” 

If you choose the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation as your charity of choice, you can help with the purchase of much-needed medical equipment for the hospital.

 To buy tickets online, head here.