If you’re looking to improve your confidence in public speaking, the North Grenville Toastmasters want to hear from you.

The organization is hosting an online “Open House”, and is looking for new members to learn more about Toastmasters in an engaging, friendly atmosphere, in the comfort of their own home.

Club member Richard Chartrand says the goal of the organization is to help people hone their ability to speak in front of crowds.

“Anybody who is in a role where public speaking is a part of what they do will benefit greatly,” Chartrand said. “Because your credibility, rightly or wrongly, is often based upon how comfortable you are speaking in public.” 

Chartrand says the meeting will also mark the club’s 19th anniversary in North Grenville.

On every first and third Thursday of each month, they get together to practice public speaking.

Chartrand says the group is also about teaching communication and leadership skills to its members. 

“Many people have credited us with helping them in their career-advancement,” Chartrand said. “Some people have actually gone on to become professional speakers, while others are simply trying to overcome a fear of public speaking and just be able to get up there and do it at all.”

The open house takes place Thursday via Zoom, starting at 6:30 p.m.

To register, you can contact Chartrand directly.