A massive raffle contest is looking to raise money for the Lanark County Interval House and Community Support.

The organization is hosting the C.R.A.V.E raffle, an online contest, which looks to raise funds towards community support programs to assist women and children living with and escaping domestic violence.

Executive Director Erin Lee says because they’ve had to cancel all their in-person fundraisers due to COVID-19, they decided to go the online route. 

“So we came up with this idea of C.R.A.V.E, because we imagine everyone is craving for the end of COVID, everyone is craving for an end to violence, and in this sense, this might be an opportunity for someone who is also craving the need to win $100,000,” Lee said.

C.R.A.V.E stands for “Community Rules Against Violence Everywhere” and Lee says it’s a reminder that violence is an unfortunate reality in our area. 

Over the course of the pandemic, the Interval House has seen a 75 percent increase in crisis calls and its shelter has been consistently full. 

Lee adds that while most of us have been able to stay home to keep safe and healthy during the pandemic, many women and children were forced to stay home with their abuser. 

“The notion of isolating at home, for some people that increases your safety from the virus, but for many who are living in a violent situation in an abusive home, isolating at home actually increases the risk of violence and violent incidents,” Lee said.

There are only 2500 tickets available and the draw will be held on June 16.

Tickets are $100 and can be purchased here.