North Grenville is encouraging residents to support local through an online campaign.

The municipality has launched a Shop Local Support Local campaign, to get residents to support their local economy. 

Mayor Nancy Peckford says they saw how the second shutdown had been impacting local business, and they wanted to help out.

“We felt it was time to show all of North Grenville that there are so many wonderful ways to support local businesses,” Peckford said. “So, we identified several themes you can embrace as a way to really show your support. It’s all about supporting the businesses that you love.” 

The five “days of the week” themes include Takeout Tuesday, Wear It Wednesday, Fitness Friday, Selfcare Saturday, and Do-it-Yourself Sunday.

Peckford says one of the ways we can keep our community safe during the pandemic is by supporting local. 

“As long as we’re following COVID-protocols, wear your masks, sanitize your hands, and ensure we aren’t leaving our homes when someone is unwell, we can keep our community safe,” Peckford added. “And we are extremely fortunate to have so many businesses that are continuing and carrying on in the face of lots of adversity.”

Residents are encouraged to share a selfie from a local business they support, to help with promotion.

Meanwhile, businesses are also encouraged to share the graphics to help showcase the diversity of local businesses.

Head here for more information on the campaign.