It looks like parents are mostly satisfied with how the student experience is being handled by the Upper Canada District School Board amid the lockdown.

The UCDSB surveyed parents and guardians from November 30-December 9, looking for feedback on the school year and COVID-19 precautions that are in place. 

5,170 parents and guardians took part in the survey, representing around 20 percent of UCDSB students. 

Results showed the majority of respondents, across all learning models, are supportive and appreciative of staff efforts both in the classroom and online.

79 percent strongly agree their child is getting what they need to be successful, while 63 percent in the asynchronous digital and 67 percent of those in the asynchronous non-digital models reported the same.

Director of Education Stephen Sliwa says the feedback received from families gives insight into what is being done well and where the board can improve. 

“The fact that the majority of respondents felt that their child is receiving what they need to be successful is positive and motivating news for our entire school district,” Sliwa said. “We recognize there are areas that need our attention and we have already turned our attention to seeing where we can improve the learning experience for our students.”

Other survey results showed that 80 percent agree/strongly agree their school has taken appropriate precautions to prevent or limit possible exposures to COVID-19. 

75 percent say their child enjoys school or is interested and excited about school most of the time. 

Meanwhile, 30 percent with students in the asynchronous digital model and 27 percent asynchronous non-digital disagree or strongly disagree their child is getting what they need to be successful.  

In terms of improving the student experience, suggestions included more access to school staff for remote learners.

Other suggestions included improving the communication between parents/guardians, teachers, and schools, increased support for student well-being, as well as more virtual field trips and school spirit days. 

The board will be conducting a secondary student survey by the end of February for direct student feedback.