The 2019 Public Sector Salary Disclosure was released on Friday. Commonly known as the Sunshine List, it provides information on public servants who earn $100,000 or more. 

The Municipality of North Grenville has eight employees on the list, which is up from six the year prior.

The top earner is former CAO Brian Carré, who was paid $171,333 in 2019. This represents a nearly $3,000 increase from 2018, when Carré made $168,581. 

Karen Dunlop, Director of Public Works, was paid $123,201 last year, up from $119,624 in 2018.

Phil Gerrard, Director of Planning and Development, earned $112,511 in 2019. This represents an $8,000 increase, from $104,056 in 2018. 

Clerk Cahl Pominville made $108,916, which is up from $102,465 the year before. 

Mark Guy, Director of Parks and Recreation, saw a $7,000 salary increase, from $107,695 in 2018 to $114,632 in 2019. 

Fire Chief John Okum earned $112,246. This represents a $10,000 increase, from $102,349 in 2018.  

The two new names are Deputy Fire Chief Randy Urslak, who made $103,957, and Roads Superintendent Doug Scott, who earned $106,786. 

Fifteen Kemptville District Hospital employees also made the list, up from 12 the year prior. The top earner in 2019 was CEO Frank Vassallo, who was paid $199,822, up from $191,987 in 2018. 

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