Van Turken is bidding farewell to her Kemptville fan base. The fugitive bird was captured by authorities moments ago. 

Community Safety Officer Annie Collins says the plan is to relocate Van Turken to a safer location, far from heavy traffic.  

The OPP called in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry earlier this week to catch Van Turken, who likes to hang out at the County Road 43 / 44 intersection. 

The wily bird evaded capture for two days running, but Kemptville’s Most Wanted is finally off the streets. 

Collins says that Van Turken is heading to a nice new home, where she will be released to search for love on Valentine’s Day. 

Van Turken – Kemptville’s unofficial mascot – has attracted national media attention. Her personal Facebook page has nearly 2,000 members. 

Merchandise is available for those who would like to keep Van Turken forever in their hearts. Check out Van Turken – Kemptville’s favourite turkey on Facebook for more details.