Van Turken will roam the streets of Kemptville for another day. The local celebrity, who boasts her own Facebook page with nearly 1,000 members, managed to elude the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) staff this morning. 

OPP Community Safety Officer Annie Collins says it was a necessary step to call in MNRF to relocate Van Turken. She noted the goal is for Van Turken to live a long and happy life. Collins explained the OPP is concerned she will get hurt or cause a collision, if left to roam the County Road 43 / 44 intersection. 

She says police have been called out a few times now, to direct traffic, and it’s time for Van Turken to find a more suitable home. 

News of the attempt to capture Van Turken made the rounds on social media and #FreedomForVanTurken is now trending. 

Collins says the MNRF tried to capture Van Turken with nets, but she flew away. She noted the plan is to go back to the drawing board and try again tomorrow. Collins explained Van Turken is clever and wily, so now it’s a game of turkey versus the authorities and the turkey is winning.  

For updates, check out the Van Turken – Kemptville’s favourite turkey Facebook page.