Changes to the Municipal Alcohol Bylaw are on the table. 

The Arts & Culture Advisory Committee brought forward a recommendation to review the bylaw on Tuesday night. The request is to allow alcohol in tiered seating facilities, including the theatre and Rink One. 

Councillor Doreen O’Sullivan, who sits on the committee, says the purpose is to give people the opportunity to sell alcohol during specific events to help increase revenue.

The bylaw currently prohibits alcohol from being served in tiered seating areas of any municipal facility. 

Committee of the Whole voted to receive the recommendation and defer it to staff to determine feasibility. 

Clerk Cahl Pominville stated there are more implications than the committee and council may be aware of, including insurance. 

Mayor Nancy Peckford says council appreciates the recommendation and recognizes the logic of staff assessing its viability. 

A special occasions permit from the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario would still be required. The matter will be brought back to the Committee of the Whole at a later date.