Winter is here and parking restrictions are coming into effect. The blanket ban starts tomorrow and remains in place until April 15. 

John Okum, Director of Emergency & Protective Services, says parking is not permitted on any road in North Grenville between the hours of 11:00pm and 8:00am. 

He noted the bylaw ensures winter maintenance activities can be properly conducted by the local public works department and county. Okum explained it’s necessary to keep the roads clear. 

He says if people do park on the street, snow plows have to go around the vehicle, leaving snow and ice behind. Okum noted people could be fined $40 for parking on the road and upwards of $75 for getting in the way of snow removal equipment. 

He explained pushing snow onto the roadway from your property is also against the rules.

For more information, contact bylaw services directly by calling 613-258-2438.