Food Basics and the House of Lazarus (HOL) have teamed up. The grocery store in Kemptville is providing milk to the food bank on a weekly basis. The partnership is part of Metro Ontario’s food recovery program, called One More Bite. 

Metro Communications Specialist Katie Oestreich says Food Basics strives to make a positive contribution to the local community. She noted Metro also works to reduce waste and implement the most efficient processes to minimize the amount of unsold food in its stores. 

One More Bite redirects food that would otherwise have been thrown out or composted, but is still good to eat, to community organizations across the province. Unsold products, including meat, prepared dishes, dairy and bakery items, are saved and redistributed.   

Store Manager Warren Monk says Food Basics is committed to the community. He noted the One More Bite program is one of the ways the store can get involved and give back. 

The goal is to grow the program locally to provide more food products. 

Ralph Pulfer, HOL representative, says the partnership has tripled the amount of milk handed out to food bank clients. 

The HOL Food Bank serves nearly 700 people from North Grenville, South Grenville, North Dundas and South Dundas.