The Ryan’s Well Foundation is calling on students and teachers to make a difference. The organization launched its 11th annual School Challenge Project.  

Executive Director Ryan Hreljac says local schools are already starting to sign up. He noted there’s also interest from international schools, in Brazil and Japan. Hreljac explained it’s nice to see people coming together to provide clean water to the other side of the world. 

The goal is to raise $45,867 to build two rain harvesting tanks in Western Uganda. Hreljac explained it’s a great way to engage youth because they get to watch the project unfold throughout the school year. Participants will receive regular updates, including photos and stories. 

Hreljac says the project is going to benefit nearly 1,000 children that attend two primary schools and people in the surrounding area. He noted the focus is on sanitation, so girls are able to go to school with safer latrines.    

For more information or to sign up for the School Challenge, click here.