Want a book? Take one. Read a good novel and want to pass it on? That’s the way the Little Free Library works. And now there’s one in Kemptville. 

Caitlyn McDougall and her husband, who live on Jack Street, put up the Little Free Library in June. She noted they’re the stewards of the library, but the goal is for their neighbours to take hold of the idea. McDougall says they started it off with books from their own collection and it’s already taken on a life of its own. 

She explained people don’t need to leave a book to access the library. McDougall says she does inscribe ‘always a gift, never for sale’ on the inside cover of the books to deter people from selling them. 

She noted the intent is not to take away from the North Grenville Public Library or local bookstores, but to create a new reading experience. McDougall says one night they were walking home and saw a mother sitting on the grass beside the library, with a kid in her lap, and they were reading together. She explained the idea is putting books into a different context.   

McDougall says she hopes everyone feels like they can come and be a part of it. 

For more information about the Little Free Library movement, click here.