Curry Park could get a new dock before the May long weekend. The former dock was removed in August 2017.

Director of Parks and Recreation Mark Guy says staff believe the dock was hit a few times by boats, causing extensive damage. He says vandalism was also an issue. Guy says the dock got to the point where it wasn’t stable or safe to use.

The new dock is included in the 2019 budget. The municipality set aside $15,000 for the dock, which came in under budget at $12,000.

The new dock is larger than the old one, measuring 6 feet by 20 feet with a 4 feet by 12 feet ramp. The floating dock includes a freeboard for kayaks and canoes.

Guy says the plan is to have all three municipal docks in by May 17. The two other public docks can be found at Anniversary Park and Rotary Park.