The North Grenville Fire Service is reminding residents that even though the ground is wet, the dead grass is dry and flammable. Fire Chief John Okum says grass fires can spread very quickly and change directions.

Ontario averages 1,350 wildfires each year, consuming 125,000 hectares or land annually.

Okum says there are ways to prevent grass fires. He says smoking materials, like cigarettes, should never be discarded by throwing them out of a vehicle. Okum says they need to be properly extinguished.

He says lawnmower engines can get hot enough to start fires. Okum says people need to closely monitor open air burning.

Fire permits are required for all property owners, outside the urban area, where open air burning is allowed. The cost is $15 annually.

Okum says people can be fined for not having a permit. He says if the fire service is called out and you don’t have a permit, substantial charges could be laid.

A burn ban may be issued sometime in the next few weeks. The North Grenville Fire Service will continue to monitor conditions.