Kemptville & District Home Support Inc. (KDHS) is continuing their free income tax assisting program.

Executive Director Susan Smith says individuals with an income of $20,000 or a couple with an income of $40,000 can use this service. Smith says there are three volunteers who have a lot of experience in this program and are very dedicated that will be running the program.

Smith says people can drop off their forms during the day between eight and four. Volunteers will go through them and people using the assistance will sign off if they agree with the information the volunteer has printed off, then the volunteer will upload the information to be efiled. Smith adds they don’t keep the information, people will take their forms after they’re finished and it’s done on a special CRA link so nothing is saved on the computer. Your information is 100-percent confidential and Smith says they’ve had around 50 to 100 people use this service in the past few years.

Smith thanks the volunteers involved because she says without the volunteers, these programs would not exist. KDHS is located at 215 Sanders Street, Suite 101.