Five St. Michael Catholic High School students are taking part in a mission trip. Charis Boland, Madeline Hubbard, Katrina Workman, Colleen Duggan and Alyson Stewart leave for Guatemala on Saturday. The grade 11 and 12 students will be helping build a road for a mountain village near Antigua.  

Hubbard says she is most looking forward to seeing life in a different culture. She says she’s excited to experience the world, while helping other people and making a difference.  

Fundraising efforts brought in about $8,000 for the trip, offsetting the cost for the students. The staff lead for the trip is Father Julius Nwagbara.

Workman says she is also looking forward to helping people. She says she’s excited to get to know the people in the village and form connections.

The students will be returning on February 17.