Snow covered sidewalks at Country Walk are a safety concern, according to Councillor Doreen O’Sullivan. She brought the matter forward during Committee of the Whole last night.

The sidewalks are currently not maintained by the developer or municipality. Director of Public Works Karen Dunlop says clearing the snow is a liability issue.

She says the municipality still has to assume the subdivision assets and must wait one year after the final layer of asphalt before sending in the sidewalk plows. The subdivision is considered a construction zone at this time.

O’Sullivan asked staff to look into an interim solution, so Country Walk residents would not be faced with the same issue next winter.

Dunlop says a solution may be possible. She plans on speaking with the developer about clearing the snow.

Dunlop says there is a Subdivision Agreement in place, which is a legally binding document that doesn’t include plowing the sidewalks.