The North Grenville Concert Choir (NGCC) is getting ready to perform Handel’s Messiah. The group will be joined by members of the Divertimento Orchestra. Performances are being held at St. James Anglican Church. Shows are set for 2:00 and 7:30pm on Saturday.

Choir representative Elisabeth Rubli says there are about 46 locals in the group. She says if you put together a bunch of average voices, together they can create a beautiful sound.

Tickets are $20 each. The group is non-profit, so ticket sales are used to cover costs.

Rubli says it’s an extraordinary opportunity for young people to see a live orchestra and all the instruments that come along with it.   

This year will mark the 15th time the NGCC has performed Messiah. Tickets are available online by clicking here and at Brewed Awakenings.