There is a new council in place for North Grenville. The official swearing in ceremony was held tonight at the municipal centre.

Mayor Nancy Peckford, along with Deputy Mayor Jim McManaman and Councillors John Barclay, Craig McCormick and Doreen O’Sullivan all swore an oath to serve the community.

Peckford says the new council will hold monthly town hall meetings in rural areas. She says it’s time to stop asking people to come to the municipality and instead bring the municipality to them.

Peckford says there will be a council specific work plan to focus on priorities. She says a youth advisory committee will also be established.

Peckford says she will be putting together a mayoral task force on affordable housing in the New Year. The announcement was met with applause from the crowd.

The five new members of council were elected October 22. Their term ends November 14, 2022.