Local resident Ian Grant wants something done about speeders on River Road. He brought his concerns forward at committee of the whole on Monday night.

Grant says he wants council to do something, not just sit back and wait.

“I’m here now to tell you, so if there is an accident I will hold you personally responsible because I’ve raised the issue,” says Grant. “I raised it three years ago, two years ago and now I’m raising it again.”

He says his neighbour almost lost a child because of speeding. Grant says there is a 100 meter line of site from the corner to his driveway. He says if council is interested in the safety of constituents, come up with a plan: reduce the speed, put in stop signs.

Director of Public Works Karen Dunlop says the municipality has done speed assessments on River Road and staff would be happy to share that information with Grant. She says municipal staff would first have to verify the issue and report back to council.

Grant was advised that speeding is an enforcement issue and should be brought to the police services board.