Jim McManaman is running for councillor in North Grenville. He says improving municipal communication is a top priority. Bringing town hall meetings to rural areas and making them less formal is something McManaman wants to see done. He says council meetings held every Monday night are not enough to get messaging across to residents.

Mcmanaman says council needs to look at safety concerns when it comes to County Road 43. He says the municipality can’t create jobs but it can be open for business, through projects like the Kemptville Campus Hub. McManaman says North Grenville needs to explore tourism opportunities. He wants to promote municipal assets, such as the local trail system, to bring people to the community.

McManaman says the North Grenville Strategic Plan needs to be reviewed and updated to give direction to the community’s future. He wants to take a closer look at the municipality’s financial statements and get clarification on the numbers.

McManaman says his experience running a financial business for years and volunteering on local boards has prepared him for the role. He has been involved with the Economic Development Committee since 2006.

The My Kemptville Now newsroom will be interviewing all councillor and mayoral candidates for North Grenville over the next two weeks. The 2018 Municipal Election is set for October 22.