Elwood Armour is making a bid for North Grenville Mayor. He ran for councillor in the 2014 Municipal Election.

Armour says the property values are ballooning in North Grenville, causing taxes to go up. He says the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) determines property values in the area and drives up the cost. Appealing to MPAC is the only way to knock down rates, says Armour.   

Looking into discretionary spending is one of his top priorities. Armour says the current rate of development is not sustainable for North Grenville, especially when you look at County Road 43. He says larger developments are not the answer: instead the municipality should be looking at in-fill and smaller subdivision projects to slow the rate of growth.

Armour is concerned about the water supply in North Grenville. He wants to measure the quantity of water being pulled out of the aquifer on an annual basis to prevent water shortages down the road.

Revitalizing downtown Kemptville is another priority for Armour. He says a splash pad or wave pool at Riverside Park could draw people into the downtown and turn it into a community hub.

The My Kemptville Now newsroom will be interviewing all councillor and mayoral candidates for North Grenville over the next two weeks. The 2018 Municipal Election is set for October 22.