The Friends of the Ferguson Forest Centre (FFC) are putting on a free show. The third annual Birds of Prey demonstration is set for this Saturday. The showtimes are 10:00am, 12:30pm and 2:30pm. There is no cost and everyone is welcome to attend.

Chair Liza Duhaime says the birds are set free and fly over the crowd. The educational demonstration includes natural history, size, eating habits and flight patterns.

Duhaime says five birds will be on display at the show; one from each raptor group. She says birds of prey are making a comeback in North Grenville and the FFC even has its own resident hawk who crashed the show last year.

People will have the chance to ask questions following the demonstrations. Each show is about an hour and a half. The shows will be held at the FFC Arboretum. For more details, click here.