A local teen is safe following a harrowing series of events. Connor Simser-O’callaghan, who suffers from Post Concussion Syndrome, took off sometime Wednesday night. His mother, Lyn Simser-O’callaghan, says he was scared to go to a brain injury rehabilitation facility in Guelph. She posted a photo of her son on Facebook Thursday morning in an attempt to find him. The post was shared over 2,200 times and was seen by two quick thinking community members who found him before he died of an overdose. Simser-O’callaghan says her son was dropped off on French Settlement Road by two people trying to avoid getting in trouble for the drugs Connor took.

Jimmi Graham, along with an unknown woman who also lives on Rideau River Road, contacted Simser-O’callaghan. Police were dispatched to Connor’s location immediately and he was transported to the Kemptville District Hospital for treatment. Simser-O’callaghan says the doctor said it was amazing Connor was still alive. She says community support is what saved Connor’s life.

The 18-year-old is currently recovering at a detox center in Brampton. Simser-O’callaghan says Connor started to self medicate with alcohol and drugs following his brain injury. She says people need to recognize the dangers of concussions.

Simser-O’callaghan says she is grateful to everyone who shared the post and helped save Connor’s life.