Tasty Treats Custom Confections is trading cupcakes for birthday party items in support of the House of Lazarus (HOL). The local baker is selling 12 mini cupcakes for just $5 rather than the regular $15 and asking people to make a donation to The Birthday Program. The HOL is launching the program this September. Food bank clients will be able to access birthday party hampers and gifts for their kids. Owner Stephanie Timmons says every little bit helps.

Tasty Treats will be taking orders until August 11. The goal is to reach 100 dozen cupcakes. Timmons says The Birthday Program fits well with her business.

The minimum donation is one item for the program. Timmons says most people are donating more and some are giving items without even buying cupcakes. For more details, check out the Tasty Treats Custom Confections Facebook page.