Refugees In North Grenville (RING) have welcomed a second refugee family to Kemptville. The family arrived on May 29 after travelling from Pretoria, South Africa. Freddy Monga, along with his wife Janet, fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo 14 years ago amidst civil war. They have three kids, ranging in age from 8 to 4. Monga says the kids love their new house.

Monga and his family were living in a tiny apartment in Pretoria that they shared with another family. The kids couldn’t venture outside to play because they lived in a tough part of the city where crime was rampant. Monga says its a huge change.

The two oldest kids have started school and Monga and his wife are in the process of getting the accreditation they need to work in Canada. Monga is an HVAC Technician and Janet is a Nurse. Monga says people here are very welcoming.

RING is still in need of donations to cover the family’s travel expenses, totalling $10,000. The Lions Club of Kemptville presented the group with $1,000 yesterday. To donate, click here.