A local business is starting a series of community fundraising barbecues in Prescott. Sauve Heating and Air Conditioning is holding the first one on May 24 from 11:00am to 2:00pm. The barbecues will be held at the Prescott Canadian Tire. Owner Ben Sauve says the barbecues will benefit different local charities each week.

Representatives from the charity receiving the money will be asked to volunteer at the corresponding barbecue. Sauve says his company will cover costs.

Sauve partnered with other local businesses, including Canadian Tire, O’Reilly’s Independent Grocer, P38 Energy and B&H Grocer, on the initiative. He says there is a need in Prescott.

Any local charities hoping to benefit are asked to contact Sauve directly by emailing ben@sauveheating.ca or by calling 613-925-0223.