North Grenville’s Committee of the Whole does not support a request to block off Wellington Road.

This comes out of Monday night’s committee meeting, when local resident Doreen O’Sullivan asked for the road to be closed to through traffic. She says that could be done by installing a moveable barrier, like those on highway ramps.

O’Sullivan also suggested dropping the speed limit to 40-kilometres-an-hour and designating it a ‘no truck route’ if the closure wasn’t possible.

But staff recommends that committee not support the requests. Director of Public Works Karen Dunlop says residents and visitors alike use the road.

Dunlop says the road doesn’t meet the criteria to block off through traffic or reduce the speed limit. She also says the road will be repaired next year, and that designating a ‘no truck’ route could be considered in the municipality’s transportation master plan. Consultation for the plan will start in May.