It was an ordeal that led to many people unwittingly filling their cars with diesel but reimbursements are finally starting to arrive.

Last month, the Ultramar gas station in Prescott accidentally pumped diesel fuel in to the tanks of people who selected unleaded and Cindy Lewis was one of those customers. Shortly after getting gas on January 16, Lewis says her car started running poorly but didn’t know why until she saw a Facebook post:

After having it towed she contacted the Ultramar Customer Satisfaction Center and was asked to mail a few documents, like the receipt from her purchase, and the to simply wait patiently.

Last week she received a full refund for the gas as well as the repairs to her car, a $100 gas card to Ultramar and an apology letter from the company.

Several other customers affected by the diesel mistake have also said they have been reimbursed for the repairs. If you believe that your vehicle was affected by the gas switch Ultramar’s Customer Satisfaction Center phone number is 1-800-363-6949.