Doreen O’Sullivan wants to set the record straight about the Wellington Road petition.

This morning Doreen reached out to Juice FM about some details she thought could use clarification. During a power point, O’Sullivan pointed out that the unpaved portion is substandard and does not support truck traffic. In our story we said the paved section was substandard. Also O’Sullivan added that the unpaved section of the road at Bridge Street was privately owned.

Finally she added that the other suggestions outlined in our article, like creating a no truck policy or lowering the speed limit, were a part of the official petition. They are other solutions the town might consider if they are opposed to the idea of stopping through traffic and were added on after the fact.

O’Sullivan also wanted the public to know the signatures didn’t all come from residents of Wellington. According to the September 18th power point the petition was a response to the municipality proposing straightening, paving and connecting Wellington Road to Parkinson Street.

The Municipality of North Grenville is being petitioned to shut down Wellington Road to through traffic.

During this week’s Committee of the Whole meeting Doreen O’Sullivan made a presentation suggesting council stop vehicles travelling along Wellington, unless they intend to stop at one of the residences. The unpaved section must be graded weekly and the paved portion is considered sub-standard.

Limiting traffic would mean funds that had gone to repairing and grading Wellington Road could be used on other municipal projects. Some of the other suggestions put forward include; creating a no truck policy, making the road a 40 km/h zone, encouraging the use of Regional Road 19 and installing a traffic light or 3-way stop.

The petition currently has 100 signatures.