A number of members of council will participate in this year’s Neon Night Kemptville event.

Neon Night’s Brenda Burich and Jennifer Healey presented to North Grenville Council at tonight’s meeting. Burich spoke about the need for more research money towards childhood cancers and some of the accomplishments so far due to the research.

Members of council voiced their support for the event and its goal of raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society to fund more research specific to childhood cancers.

Burich said the last three years have been very successful in terms of fundraising.

The event takes place on Saturday, September 23rd at Riverside Park in Kemptville. The public works department does remind the public that barricades will be put up and some roads in the downtown core will be closed for the event.

Learn more about the event or sign up by going to www.cancer.ca/neonnightkemptville.