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Kemptville man remembers John Maguire, Larmond twins

A local man who knew John Maguire since he was eight years old has come forward. He has decided to remain anonymous so his name will not be associated with the ISIS fighter. Maguire’s former hockey trainer said as a boy, Maguire was talented and sensitive, and he took a fair amount of criticism from other hockey parents because he was prone to occasional fits of anger. “He wasn’t a bad kid,” the man remembers. As an older teen, Maguire became good friends and played in a band with our source’s son. He says he was deeply upset when he learned of Maguire’s death but, he says, “we lost John Maguire long ago.”

The man also remembers the Larmond twins, picked up for suspicion of terrorist activity in Ottawa last week, who lived for a short time on Reuben Crescent, in the house in front of Kemptville Public School. They are the same age as Maguire and spent time at the local skateboard park.

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