Residents have a chance to help shape the future of the Kemptville District Hospital.

The Kemptville District Hospital Board of Directors is inviting the community to be part of the development of its new strategic plan, which will guide the hospital’s path forward over the next few years. 

Chair of the KDH Board Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee Paul-Émile Cloutier says there are several ways to have a voice about what the hospital could and should be to the people it serves. 

“There will be a random phone survey and an online survey, and we’re hoping to reach between 500-600 people,” Cloutier said. “In addition to that, on April 23rd, we’re going to have a one-time facilitated virtual strategic planning workshop.

The virtual workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Zayna Khayat, a Future Strategist with SE Health in Ottawa.

Cloutier says that preparing a strategic plan is one of the Board’s most important tasks during its mandate, however, it can’t do it without public feedback.

He adds this is why the ideas and input from the community and various groups will help prepare the next chapter for KDH.

“The plan will have a positive impact on KDH’s preparedness for the future,” Cloutier said. “It will also help KDH unleash all the potential it has to offer within the community, within the region and it will build on past successes.”  

All of the input will be compiled, analyzed, and used to help develop the next strategic plan, which will set out KDH’s new strategic priorities and identify the actions that will be taken to advance them.

Cloutier says the biggest benefit of strategic planning is creating a vision that can align the hospital and the residents it serves. 

“The ultimate goal you want for the organization is for it to succeed, and to position the organization in the right place, at the right time, with an eye to the future,” he said. “That’s what we’re trying to do at KDH through this new strategic plan.” 

To register for the workshop, you can head here.