Leeds, Grenville and Lanark houses have the highest levels of radon in the province, according to a Health Canada study. The Health Unit says dangerous levels of the cancer-causing gas are found in 19.4% of homes. 

Medical Officer Dr. Paula Stewart says there’s something about the rocks in the area, which have uranium in them. She noted uranium decays and turns into radon gas, which makes its way into homes. Dr. Stewart explained people breathe the gas, it goes into your lungs and continues to decay. She says it gives off radioactive particles that come into contact with the cells in your lungs. 

Dr. Stewart noted that over time, those cells can develop into cancer. She explained the risk is related to how much exposure you have and how long you have the exposure. 

The Health Unit recommends that people test their homes for radon levels. You can get test kits by clicking here

Dr. Stewart says the best time to test is in the winter, when your house is closed up. She noted there are ways to address high radon levels, including ventilation. 

The Health Unit is hosting community meetings in November to raise awareness about radon.  

Watch the organization’s website for meeting dates.